Our Mission: "Investing In Eternity"

We welcome you to the Mountain View web site. Our visitor's page has our address, directions to our church location, and the times of our worship services. We have something for everyone and hope to meet you this Sunday.

Get Into The Word
Engage The Word 2015   Want to get into the Word of God. This 40 day program will get you started.

mvnaz Growth App
The mvnaz Growth App is a simple app to help you in your Christian walk. After a short and private survey, each day you will be sent Bible verses that will encourage and help you grow spiritually. We hope you will make good use of this spiritual helps tool in your daily life.   Download the app for your mobile devise today.

Scars Sermon Series
Everyone has scars in their life that they have to deal with. This sermon series is designed to help us deal with the different scars we face. Here is a short audio clip by Dr. Sarah Carotenuto that helps us understand what this series is all about. SCARS? Sept. 6th through October 4th.

Mission Details
No Mission statement is complete in and of itself. It is usually presented in a short simple statement that is easy to remember, yet reminds us of the details of our mission. Here are the details of our Mission Statement.